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Learner Self-Assessment of EduBlogging

This is a general rubric for learners to reflect critically on posts made on their blogs. At several points during the course, learners are asked to select two significant posts, and complete the self-assessments on their own blogging process. This self-assessment activity is suitable for all learners participating in various types of edublogging learning spaces, though I will likely refine it further depending on individual learners and learning contexts.


Who are you writing for?
Is this a public/private voice?
Is it a rehearsal? A tentative draft?
Is it an impulsive rant?


What ideas, impressions and/or emotions are involved while writing this?
What readings, blog posts, videos or podcasts are you drawing inspiration from?


Why is this post important to you?
Why do you think it is important for others?
What impact might this post have on future generations?
How might you respond to this post a decade from now?


Is this a description of others’ views?
Are both sides described?
Is it a one-sided vent?
Have you asked for someone else to read it over?
Have you left it a day to look at it again?
As a published post, do you have any second thoughts attached to it?


What is the most important reason for writing this post?
What tone are you adopting? Defensive, persuasive, impartial, casual?
Is this part of an ongoing series of ideas, or a single post?

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netizenship • July 7, 2009

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