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Q/A Session with George Siemens

I had the pleaseure of participating in a recent discussion through Athabasca University as a student of the MDE program. I had the opportunity to ask George Siemens about his experiences with blogging. These observations are based on notes hurriedly jotted down in real-time. George explained that he started blogging through elearnspace.org and sent out weekly email summaries of his ideas. Over time, he extended it to RSS feeds. It was, for him, an opportunity to share resources in a loose network and engage in “parallel conversations”. This “dialogue of awarenes was a central motivator for him to continue blogging. He also commented that ir provided “limited direct engagement”. He explained he preferred to tweak and post short, concise posts, rather than create long prose. It was (and is) considered a pause-point, a space for reflection, in which he emphasized he wrote for himself on a variety of topics of interest to himself. He has enjoyed the processes of sense-making and way-finding.

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netizenship • July 7, 2009

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