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Reflections on Personal EduBlogging

I recognize that at a particular point in our blogging, we need to stop, reflect back, revise and select our presence. It mostly has to do with a proces of re-invention, often because our presence needs to be updated, or re-presented. In my current case, the upcoming shift from the old Me2U community to the new ELGG community requires me to pull off my posts, re-examine them, re-select and re-organize them. It is during this process that I will need to engage in intensive personal blogging, learning to redistribute my posts to either a private sphere for further reflection, or to other spheres. I am engaged in a process of re-organizing, re-categorizing. I have sensed that this process is a common one among more experienced bloggers, as our virtual presence frequently comes under conscious scrutiny when the content needs to be moved, and that a great deal of transformative (unlearning, new shifts in perspectives, updates) learning occurs. In my attempt to archive and retain my ideas, I review, revise and re-present them in a new form.

The active process of ideas development is documented by Lilia Efimova.
Her recent paper, located at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/download/weblogAsPersonalThinkingSpace. identifies three stages of ideas development within (edu)blogs:
Awareness and articulation
Turning into a product (Efimova, 2009).

Some of her work is based on Kaye et al’s 2006 article, To Have and to Hold: Exploring the Personal Archive.

This is an area of further exploration, as the role of edublogs in personal legacy creation is an emerging need as learners move through and between learning institutions.

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netizenship • July 7, 2009

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