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Setting up my PLE

I had been spending some time migrating the blog posts from Me2U and webskills.ca to my new Netizenship blog on edublogs.org. Much of the content is restricted for now. It is time for a clean-up and de-clutter, and update the tags, and consider ideas for new topics and revisions.

I much prefer the edublogs.org functionality as compared to the myhosting.com hosting service. The price is actually cheaper for the year at edublogs.org than the cost of hosting at myhosting.com for three months. 🙂 I saved myself over $100 in hosting fees for the upcoming year.

The Me2U is a great starting point for me to get comfortable blogging. The edublogs.org hosting service allows me a lot more space (5Gb) and more functionality. I have some knowledge of Javascript, Dynamic HTML, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). I can make use of these skills to a greater degree within the edublogs.org platform.
The edublogs features a tagging tool to allow readers of posts to do organize it in a number of different ways: bookmark it, add it to an RSS aggregator, digg it, link it to Twitter, etc.

I have also been updating my Bloglines aggregator and have accumulated links of blogs from my archived posts, so now I have 30 RSS feeds to edublogs on the subject of…edublogging. From my browser, I can add blogs directly to bloglines through a quicklink. This is a really handy means of keeping track of resources and sharing them with others.

I also have a link on the browser updated the bookmarks with notes and tags on delicious.com – this is an amazing resource, in combination with pageflakes. I can add delicious as a flake to my pagecast. It means I can add flakes like podcasts, videos, a blogroll, a forum, my delicious bookmarks, and a couple of web search features like wikipedia search to the pageflakes page.

For a content management system I use posterous. Unbelievably easy to use. Just attach the file and send an email to posterous. It is added to your account. I have added a word document, a picture, an MP3 recording, and I can add so many other things as well. I have not tested the range of options as yet. It is a great way to keep your own content outside of an institution’s LMS and use it as an e-portfolio.

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netizenship • July 8, 2009

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