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"That's Today's Footprint"

This is a dialogue between JoAnn Hammond-Myers and I on based on meme questions about one’s digital footprint. Her comments were from September 2008. Mine are from March 2009. I wish to invite JoAnn to further reflect on my responses, and add anything to her previous ideas. I also invite others to join this continuing dialogue, and leave a digital footprint of one’s own.
(Glenn, March 6, 2009)

Q1> What type of digital footprint am I leaving?

(Jo Ann, Sept. 24, 2008) — I want to leave an authentic footprint — and I will not always leave a footprint — as sometimes I hold back.

(Glenn, March 6, 2009) — JoAnn, I agree with the reluctance. I ask myself: Is this post something I want to add to my legacy? Is it a true picture of who I am at this point in time? (March 6, 2009)

Q2> Which technologies (blog, e-portfolio, wiki, etc.) best match my emerging personality for self-expression?

(Jo Ann): So far — I’m okay with being a new blogger — don’t think I will invest too much in e-portfolio — but some renovations to what I am now and will be developing over time. I know that I would like to be more “confident” about wiki contributions — formal — more polished points or descriptions — and I think this will evolve for me. I think there will be so many blogs to participate in that this may lead to time crunches — more brevity.

(Glenn) Hi JoAnn. I am so aware of the truth of your comments. I am overwhelmed by the need to maintain a blog, remain authentic to my voice, while participating in a number of form discussions. Overload!

Q3> What footprint do I want to place upon the digital landscape?

(Jo Ann) for me — which people to I want to communicate with — and what subject domains do I want to invest my time — enough to do a good and worthy job.

(Glenn) I hope to tread lightly, carefully, compassionately, ever-aware of the possible damage unreflected upon judgements can have on others. I seek to backtrack and retrace my steps, walk backwards in the steps and then veer off towards other directions. I am excited by the chance to leave a digital footprint which endures, but hope that if it is covered up by the passage of time, I have a way of finding my way back to re-visit past selves, past reflections.

Q4> How do I intend others to see me?

(Jo Ann) As I am (even if that is a bit intimidating — I don’t think I can be otherwise) .

(Glenn) I agree, JoAnn. Asking others to view you as you are is very powerful, but seldom do we in fact perceive others that way. In fact, I hope that others are not too judgemental of me, neither considering my potentials nor pointing out my flaws, but seeing me as I am, in the present.

Q5> How do others’ feedback on how/what I communicate mesh with my intentions?

(JoAnn) When people communicate with me authentically — but I have had spam, requests for all kinds of things — and that I find a hastle and a bit draining. Most of the bloggers are great.

(Glenn) When other people attempt to meet me in a bridging space, acknowledging our differences but also celebrating them. I talk through my blog as a way to open up my ideas more to change, to growth. I hope that others view my posts as gifts, to open up and examine, give to others to play with, set aside for a rainy day, use as a conversation piece, or even to re-gift. Every use is a validation.

Q6> What should I do when an exchange of ideas lead to a clash and possible shifting of my perspective?

(JoAnn)I don’t mind oppositional clashes — but I like to do my best to understand others — and if I can’t — I just move on as I have too much to do to stay stuck for long.

(Glenn) In the case of a clash, I ask myself if I have been misunderstood, and so I need to sit back, chew it over a bit, reflect on it, then either spit it out, or make use of it, nourishing me and sustaining me to engage in further discussion.

(Jo Ann) “That’s today’s footprint.”

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