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Blogging Processes

This is a description of blogging processes for autonomous bloggers (self-regulated learners). This set of activities learners require practice to become confident, effective student bloggers within groups, networks and collectives (Anderson, Dron, 2009).

-tagging posts
-selecting/using categories
-developing/planning sequenced posts,
-creating linked (interconnected) posts;
-writing posts using running titles;
-self-linking (writing short posts interconnected by links)
-follow-up thinking, (from reflections on actions);
– addendums, serial revisions
-incorporating feedback; feedback summaries
-incorporating Twitter tweets into posts
-planning/recording podcasts
-capturing images/flow-charts
-releasing/brainstorming/generating ideas:
-dormant content (value becomes important in retrospect)
-active content (information used for task at hand)
– shared content (of potential use to future self, or to public)

-use of RSS feeds; feed readers
-following bibliographic sources to online journal articles
-drawing on online community resources
-engaging in or listening to/watching archived learning events

-Selecting examplars for one’s own blog-roll
-Determining a Vision/Mission
-Identifying Zones of Concern (System 1 spaces)(personal space-FaceBook; Me2U – student; Intranet – College Instructor)
-Developing and Identifying coordinating rules for managing activities within zones (System 2: Coordinating Features)
-Monitoring Activities (Routines and Rituals)

-scanning tag clouds
-searching archives
-annotated bookmarks
-searching categories
-searching through annotated bookmarks
-scan through posts for quotes, references, links, key words and phrases

– Culling RSS feeds
– Deleting/revising annotated links
– Moving/revising comments attached to posts as feedback post summaries
– Identifying visitor activity using log files
– Opening additional blog(s) to migrate showcase posts
– Changing style template
– Updating new plugins/widgets on blog application
– Reviewing/revising/adding/deleting post tags and categories

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Edublogging theory and practice

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