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Blogging Skills – Outcomes

This brief overview of some of the key learning outcomes for the blogging skills seminar aims to practice connective writing (“blogging”) within  a social learning practice network, and emphasizes hands-on practice in berry-picking, jigging, piling, setting, weaving, and texturing processes.

Learners will be able to:

  1. Identify, evaluate and select and collect a variety of online resources to create blog roll links, annotated bookmarks, and linklogs;
  2. Describe personal strategies and experiences while tapping into data streams such as RSS feeds, network activity streams and Twitter feeds;
  3. Search for, identify, evaluate collect, and manage email alerts and notifications that filter and sort incoming online content for searching and monitoring;
  4. Demonstrate tagging strategies that organize and categorize blog posts, tweets, photos, and documents through using Tag Clouds;
  5. Reflect on experts’ tagging can categorizing strategies and implement lessons learned in one’s own blogging practice:
  6.  Add, edit, and cull tags and categories for posts, files, pages and photos;
  7. Reflect upon, analyze and evaluate best practices of expert bloggers to identify effective strategies for application to own blogging practices;
  8. Summarize and synthesize content into blog posts as citations, quotes, and embedded links, and upload and link to attached files, photos, documents, podcasts, and presentations;
  9. Revisit, revise, review, and append archived posts in light of new information or experiences using meta-commentary, a switch of perspective, voice, or narrative, and changes of tone and register;
  10. Incorporate more elaborate textual cues to blog posts that add more context to existing posts using highlighting, font sizes and types, colour coding, scanned rich pictures, and photos;
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netizenship • June 1, 2014

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