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My name is Glenn Groulx.

I am interested in learning to apply the strategies of storytelling online for myself as a lifelong learner, and to in turn help my students create a personal online presence.

I have decided on the name “the walking stick blogger” as the title of my own blogging story. I live in northwest BC, in the port town of Prince Rupert, close to the BC/Alaska border. I adopted the persona of the walking stick blogger to illustrate and share my passion for hiking in the woods and exploring nature. I want to share some stories about how my time spent as a teacher in remote First Nations communities has left a mark on how I use my blog, and how I speak about it.


Holding Life in One’s Handsgently holding a sac of frogs' eggs in one's hands

gently holding a sac of frogs’ eggs in one’s hands
I had never seen a sac of eggs before. My wife brought me to the spot where the eggs were lying submerged in water. She scooped them out and gently cradled them in her hands. We marveled at such a fragile way of bringing forth life.
The image of the frogs’ eggs cradled in her hands started me thinking about how individuals learn within social networks. I could compare the image of the frogs’ eggs as a metaphor for this online course, for example. We are all embraced within a learning environment that is yielding yet provides structure and room for growth. We are impacted by the growth of others, and are interconnected to one another. Yet like the clearly visible eggs, we are also separate individuals within this supportive environment.
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netizenship • June 1, 2014

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