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About the role of the Public Library

The Library is a crucial community hub taken for granted by many. But we really should not consider the Library as a given; instead, there needs to be more promotion of the Library’s various roles and place in the community.

  • It provides a learning space for exploring new books and resources;
  • It offers tutorials and support for patrons on how to use innovative (3D printer) and traditional (microfiche) technologies;
  • It offers a wider network, and provides access to books and resources from other libraries through the InterLibrary loan system;
  • Its staff has a wealth of knowledge and expertise on many subjects and have experience with finding info quickly, and can assist with finding the materials you are looking for;

A recent example:

My wife and I were sitting and watching the storm move through Prince Rupert on a Tuesday evening. We were keeping up to date using Facebook, and browsing the many posts and photos about the downed trees, power outages, and the stories of high winds and the damage inflicted on marinas, houses and belongings not strapped down.

I also found out that if you want to have emergency updates posted by the City of Prince Rupert by email or text, you need to sign up at the Library.

Yet again, I am finding out more about the many vital services provided by the staff at the local library.

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Public Library

netizenship • April 15, 2018

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