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Learn English Online: About Friends

There are many ways to describe a friend; for example, you meet a friend in the morning for coffee, and they might be a bit

– this means they’re not very happy. Maybe they didn’t get enough sleep?

We all have friends who are very kind helpful and

– or who love to help others and give so much of oneself.

There are also friends who love to go to parties, love to laugh and are

. They’re outgoing and the life of the party!

On the other hand, we have some friends who are not so talkative. They tend to be shy, quiet, or are a bit

or a little serious.

And of course, we sometimes have friends who love to sleep in, love to eat, or who are basically not a


Also, you might know some friends who are quite creative or artistic.

All in all, we have all different kinds of friends.

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ggroulx • September 13, 2019

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