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Journal Topics about Lifelong Learning

These five topics can be used for blogging circle topics with a group of participants, as part of a group email discussion list, as part of a facilitated in-class writing circle, as part of individual, paired, or small group activities, or as self-paced writing prompts for individualized journaling.

The topics can be used in a digital format or in hard-copy format, as part of F2F tutoring sessions, or as a guided whole class activity. The topics are intended for beginning a transformative shift of perspective about lifelong learning roles, expectations, goals and resources. Developing a more focused awareness of one’s role in learning can assist with employment search and assist clients with developing computer, reading and writing skills. The writing prompts are also intended to be used with newcomers seeking to develop English language skills autonomously or as an extension of in-class F2F group activities using community resources.

What kind of learner are you?

Whether you are learning on the job, or in a classroom, or learning something on your own, how do you prefer to learn new things? Do you like to ask questions, or do things yourself and figure things out on your own? Are you a hands-on learner, or prefer to have someone show you? Do you prefer to talk it over with others? Do you usually learn best by reading instructions, by listening to someone explain, by watching a video, or by observing first before trying to do it? Give some examples.


What have you learned?

Describe two things you have learned over the past month. How did you learn them? Was it part of a formal course or workshop? Or was it something informal that you did on your own? Do you prefer to learn things by yourself, or with others?


Describing useful resources for learning

Describe online resources you have visited for news, current events, information about hobbies, for product reviews, for fun, and for music. What books, magazines you have read in the past few months?

What people have you met with and talked to for information (family, friends, teachers, others)? Which places have you visited for finding information in the last few months? What kind of tools and equipment do you commonly use for learning (examples: computers, TV, notebook)?


Your learning goals

What things do you want to learn to do for work, for fun? What are some interests and hobbies you want to spend more time on? Over the next month, what are a few steps you can take to start your learning?


Your best learning experience(s)

Describe one (or more) positive learning experience(s) you had. When did it occur? Was it on the job training at work, or an activity or lecture in school? Was it a workshop, class, or was it non-formal, perhaps as a volunteer?




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