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Journal Writing Topics: Job Search

One Job Search Story

Describe how you searched for a job and your job search activities. What interested you about his job? How did you apply for the job? How did the interview go? Were you well prepared? Did you prepare a resume and cover letter? Did you prepare a list of references? What did you learn from this experience?

Giving Advice

Imagine you are writing to someone about your past job search experiences. What advice do you want to give? What should one avoid doing? What are some things you think will work well?

Describe Your Past Job

Provide details about your last job. When did you begin and when did you finish? Who did you work for? Where? What was your position? What were the duties? What hours did you work? What did you most like about this position? What did you learn?

Co-Workers and Bosses You Enjoyed Working With

Describe when you worked at a job with co-workers and boss(es) you enjoyed working with/for, who taught you so many things, who made you feel connected. What was special about these co-workers and bosses?

Thank you Letter to Your Co-workers, Bosses

Write a letter of thanks to past co-workers and bosses. Express your gratitude for their friendship and mentorship. Describe how they most helped them, and what you admire about them.

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