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Starting my Blogging Journey

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This personal blog had been set up some time ago to capture my learning while I was a student at Athabasca University completing my Master’s Degree and doing independent studies courses on academic blogging. I migrated the majority of my older posts to this blog, and it has evolved over time to include literacy, First Nations pedagogy, adult learning and teaching principles, using educational technologies in the classroom, ESL (English as a Second Language), Computer Literacy, and more recently, issues surrounding immigration and settlement of New Immigrants and developing welcoming communities for newcomers.

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This blog is a central information hub and archive for me to document my learning journeys. The concept of the walking stick has served as a metaphor for how I have learned with the help of others. So I hope this blog will serve as a metaphorical walking stick for others, offering support.

Delivering workshops is my way of connecting with others: adult English language learners, teachers, New Immigrants, university students, researchers, literacy practitioners and others interested in learning to use blogs for facilitating others on how to document their lifelong learning.

Blogging involves a journey where it is like a cycle, where we adopt a variety of perspectives. I think we are all acquiring skills and wider perspectives depending on the extent we embrace the learning that is offered to us on this blogging circle of transitioning perspectives.

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