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Sensemaking: The Ideas of Konrad Glogowski

This post is an example of engaging in sense-making, weaving ideas from one source into existing ideas and engaging in critical inquiry and analysis. Sources: (drawing from Tony Bates’ academic blogging format) Konrad Glogowski’s Blog of Proximal Development Glenn Groulx’s Overview of Academic Blogging Konrad Glogowski worked with grade eight learners, and used blogging to encourage…

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Some Thoughts about Assessing EduBlogs

How should educators approach assessment for edublogs?

I would say that it depends on many factors, but one crucial question to ask is whether you plan to assess learners in terms of process or product. It also depends on the learning space you design for learners.


Reflections on Assessing Blogging Activity

The extent to which one can successfully weave personally meaningful content into one’s own posts can be best assessed by an individual blogger using what I would refer to as the “tether test”. The tether test idea was inspired while I was addressing a question at an ETUG workshop about how relevant an online archive…

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Fundamental Shift: Assessment for Learning

I think the bigger picture involves a fundamental shift from treating students as objects to be measured or evaluated or changed or filled or improved or assimiliated, to treating students as legitimate co-participants. I have chosen blogging for advocacy to address the needs of my adult literacy learners, most of whom of First Nations descent,…

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EduBlogging for Indigenous Learners

The living tree is a metaphor for the cyclical process of lifelong learning. There are four parts: sources and domains of knowledge (roots), individual learning cycle (rings), individual personal development (branches) and community well-being (leaves). Roots: Learners draw upon a rich heritage of values, beliefs, traditions and practices that balance and harmonize relations between members…

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