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Reflections on EduBlogging Pedagogy: Solitude

Providing private bloggers with the skills to become more confident to publish for a wider audience, while providing support for embedded bloggers de-motivated by silence, while providing an expanded perspective involving others for autonomous bloggers, all revolves around the central personal issue: solitude. As educators, how do we stand in reference to solitude as we…

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Commentary on Assessment

This is a comment on Tony Bates’ post: e-Learning and 21st century skills and competences, Tony Bates. URL: www.tonybates.ca/2009/06/24/e-learning-and-21st-century-skills-and-competences/ Tony wrote: “…assessment is still being ‘content’ rather than ‘process’ driven – or at least, this is how assessment is being perceived by our students.” I absolutely agree. There is a need to shift the thinking…

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Edublogging Assessment: Private/Autonomus EduBlogging

Private edubloggers will best be served by a skills/tasks checklist – the teacher provides support and content to enable the private blogger to practise the blogging skills necessary to use the blogging tools effectively: tagging, blogrolls, bookmarks, embedded links, RSS feeds, using a reader/aggregator. The private blogger would also post different types of blog posts,…

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Edublogging Assessment: Embedded/Anonymous EduBlogging

Both the Anonymous and Embedded bloggers are learners working within a group. These bloggers thrive on interaction with others, yet the difference between them is that embedded bloggers interact out in the open, whereas anonymous bloggers’ personal profiles are shielded. Communicative competence, interacting with others, and the act of performance and disclosure, all involve the…

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EduBlogging Assessment: Networked Bloggers

Those learners who have already been blogging have a need for learning skills and knowledge to become edubloggers on a larger scale. The development of an extensive personal information network will be required, as will a mastery of RSS feeds, aggregators, and a number of tools to create and host educational content that is shared…

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