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Some Thoughts about Assessing EduBlogs

How should educators approach assessment for edublogs?

I would say that it depends on many factors, but one crucial question to ask is whether you plan to assess learners in terms of process or product. It also depends on the learning space you design for learners.

Reflections on Strategies for Cultivating a Sharing Circle

Background These are reflections on my work online beginning the development of a personal learning/sharing circle, which consists of a group of learners who voluntarily interact and dialogue with another without the conventional framework of a course. For me, the most important difference between developing a network of academic contacts, and developing the more intensely…

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Confessional EduBlogging – Exploring Issues

Is there a place for encouraging self-disclosure of this sort in an educational setting? Is formal education ready to allow for confessional disclosure of interactions between students and their instructors? How would full transparency change educational dialogue?   There are many bloggers dumping their intimate thoughts onto the blogosphere – to seek exposure, to vent,…

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EduBlogging for Formal Institutions vs. EduBlogging for Lifelong Learning

At TechTicker, the author, Mike Bogle, wrote about the challenge of educational change and his opening paragraph outlines the conundrum: Participatory culture is significant because of its capacity to connect people, facilitate dialogue and cultivate the growth of a free-flowing landscape. This culture is built upon flexibility and freedom, as well as the capacity for individuals to “transcend their immediate surroundings…

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Purposes for EduBlogging

Blogging is a different approach; the classroom is one space that blogging can occur for learners; the emphasis, however, needs to be to invite learners to step out of their well-worn shoes as students, and determine what they want to write, why, and for whom. If blogging is used by teachers to reinforce the rules…

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