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Learn English Online: About Friends

There are many ways to describe a friend; for example, you meet a friend in the morning for coffee, and they might be a bit – this means they’re not very happy. Maybe they didn’t get enough sleep? We all have friends who are very kind helpful and – or who love to help others…

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Questions to help you learn about the Provinces and Territories of Canada

How do you use online resources and library resources to find out more about the province or territory you want to find out more about? Wikipedia – I went to wikipedia as a first stop, then clicked on the geography portal link, before clicking on the North America sub-portal about 4/5 down the page (scroll…

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For ESL Students and Teachers: Journal Writing Starters

These are a few ideas to get started using the blog for personal journaling.  ESL learners and teachers need to begin using their blog as a sandbox, collecting photos, links, phrases, and quotes of ideas for later. This collection stage is quite important; it identifies what you are most interested in writing about, and highlights…

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