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On Humanism: A Dialogue

This exchange had taken place several years back, but I can draw ideas that contributed to the development of the edublogging framework. The breakdown of the differing bloggers roughly mirrored how I perceived the different aspects of self: private = essential; autonomous = synergistic; personal = emancipated, anonymous = shadow, or personae; networked = constructed, or utilitarian self. Both embeded…

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All Student EduBloggers Welcome!

  You have been told by your instructor to post ideas to a blog as part of the course(s) you are now taking. Why? You ask. Why now? How will this benefit me? What skills will it help me develop? How will it help me get gainful employment? How will it help me tackle my…

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Reflections on Personal EduBlogging

I recognize that at a particular point in our blogging, we need to stop, reflect back, revise and select our presence. It mostly has to do with a proces of re-invention, often because our presence needs to be updated, or re-presented. In my current case, the upcoming shift from the old Me2U community to the…

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Assessing How Students Learn, and its Implications for EduBlogging

I would like to thank Stuart Berry for his interesting post on assessment. His post is at http://me2u.athabascau.ca/elgg/stuartbe2/weblog/1176.html Rick Reis comments on Bill Cerbin’s description of how educators undertake the learner assessment process. Cerbin (2009) described the compelling need for the assessment process: “…we need assessment that reveals how students learn-how they interpret and make…

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Exploring Embedded EduBlogging

For embedded bloggers, the focus of activity is on building critical thinking and communication skills. Such learners seek social recognition, a sense of community, validation and acceptance within a safe, respectful space. These learners are most motivated while blogging to share experiences, intuitions, and impressions with others. They are energized while making/maintaining connections and conversations…

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