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Academic Blogging for Identity Construction

First posted in Me2U on October 8, 2008 This post was first written  for the mde605 course , and reviewing it again now (July 10, 2010), is intended to provide an example of why such archiving of posts is so significant. Again, reviewing the blog post in 2014, yields further insights. I would fine-tune/extend my…

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Reflections on Strategies for Cultivating a Sharing Circle

Background These are reflections on my work online beginning the development of a personal learning/sharing circle, which consists of a group of learners who voluntarily interact and dialogue with another without the conventional framework of a course. For me, the most important difference between developing a network of academic contacts, and developing the more intensely…

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Reflections on Practice: Commenting

One important rule of thumb we can pass on to other edubloggers is to comment to others’ posts with ideas you are comfortable with as-is, without the option of them being edited or deleted in future. Emotionally charged content, rants, and drafts should be posted in one’s own blogs, with links to the posts that inspired…

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