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Using Mini-Drones in the ESL Classroom

Use mini-drones weighing under 250 grams for indoors use only. There are a lot of affordable mini drones without cameras you can purchase. The drone in the photo requires about 20 hours of accumulated flight time before you can control it comfortably in a relatively small space; given that most flights are about 5 minutes,…

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Facilitating Online Connective Communications for ESL Learners

Glenn Groulx  June 2019  Abstract  Connective writing involves a dialogue among others, but more importantly, it requires learners to adopt a reflective stance while interacting with their own ideas, the ideas of others, and with content. This paper will provide an overview of how learners navigate through online practice networks engaging in both the knowledge-construction process and…

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Teaching ESL Students in a Non-Formal English Study Group

The facilitation of an English Study Group requires some planning. It is involving dialogue and conversation, but is more than that. There needs to be some structure, some guidance, some demonstration of expertise, but not too little or too much. Too much structure, to much teaching, and too much direction, and the dynamic shifts to…

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Teaching Using Learning Personas or Roles

  If we were to design learning events based on learners’ intentions on what role(s) they would like to develop skills for, then we could begin, hypothetically, with a few “personas” that would guide how their tutor and peers and others would interact with the learner. Many learners may be motivated to develop a number…

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Integrating Formal and Non-Formal Learning for ESL Learners

  I would like to introduce the idea of integration of formal and non-formal online learning, where participants can start from any of these four points, and choose to move along these 4 roles. as a student taking a course as a student taking independent study with a supervisor, as a non-registered learner participating online…

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