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Think-Aloud Blogging – Preparing for Formal Writing

One of the concerns I have about enabling student blogging is that sometimes academics (and students, I hasten to add) entering into blogging with students have not themselves clearly identified heuristics for handling self-sponsored writing – blogging by students that is reflective, emotional and highly personal, and often not directly connected with anything being taught in the course.

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Adding Texture to Academic Blog Posts

Using Footnotes to describe way-making , and add context Using Title HTML tags to define, and elaborate on concepts Signalling register and voice changes Signalling in-line edits with the combination of the strikethrough and italics keys Inserting revisions and updates with different font types Note to audience/self: this addendum provides extra context for me, providing…

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Explorations in Academic Blogging: D’Arcy Norman

Academic blogging is quickly emerging as a separate genre. In the first of my series of blog posts, I explored Dr. Terry Anderson’s academic blogging style, and analyzed his blog post on Rethinking Disclosure and Surveillance . I then explored Dr. Tony Bates’ academic blogging style, and though there were several similarities, there were quite a few…

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Case Study: Independent Student Blogging

This is a brief case study of one learner’s use of the blogging tool this past summer. The instructional period was about 6 weeks. This learner was an adult literacy learner taking a self-paced course in technical writing at the College. I suggested he make use of blogging to capture the writing process in more detail.

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