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I have been scanning a couple of the other members of the blogging circle I am part of, and realize that the question about what makes an effective post really depends on what you need to achieve when using your blog. For example, Elaine Willis blogs in bursts and spurts, a common situation for many professionals juggling many tasks and priorities.

I really liked her blog post, Your Life as a Writer. She got five comments on that one post alone, and I am not surprised. She focused on her own perspective, told it from an honest viewpoint, and it has resonated with many others.

I think one needs to blog however one can as often as one can, recognizing the posts are always works in progress.

Many of the posts I have been reading focus on how to address a wide audience, get the message across, and get the post picked up by others, with higher visits and rankings. I think that if you use your blog primarily as a notebook, to jot down notes as they happen, then your main focus should not be on crafting a slick, error-free message that focuses on others. There is a time an place for that, but blogs are more for documenting inner workings. Enjoy the process of learning about new things for their own sake, without constantly perceiving learning as a means to an end. Effective blogging is a relaxed approach, a chance to unload and celebrate individual learning with others

…oh, gosh, this is great, have you seen …?

I came across a cool video …

I was a blog post and clicked on a link and it led to…

The post called out to me, and I felt compelled to comment…

The photos inspired me, and so here are some of my own.

Focus on what inspires you, what gets you to blog some more..what gets you to add more details to your own blog posts? What gets you going to want to continue the inner dialogue? If you can focus as much on that, as on getting the messages out for others, then you will never run out of ideas and inspirations.

transformative learning cycle

transformative learning cycle


One can use this transformative blogging wheel to track one’s motivations and perceptions about their blogging activities. depending on which role you identify with, the standards by which you are going to judge the effectiveness of your posts will change.

Podcast: edublogger_roles1

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  2. Elaine January 16, 2011 - 3:39 AM

    Thanks so much for the link to my post. That was actually one I had a lot of fun writing.

    I think one of the reasons I don’t post consistently is I try to make it hard instead of fun.

    Blogging is for me first. Of course, I want people to read my blog, but if I don’t get any enjoyment out of it, what is the point?

    Thanks again.

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