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Welcome to The Netizens' Page!

The Netizens’ Page is meant for adult learners interested in the use of blogging to improve their English, develop their voice for story-telling, and learn to blog in a number of ways. This blog is aimed at ESL students, literacy students at Colleges, educators, and others interested in learning to use blogs for personal expression. There will be both public resources on blogging and the use of web 2.0 technologies, as well as restricted, member-only resources for participants of workshops and writing courses.

My name is Glenn Groulx. I have worked as an ESL and literacy instructor at Colleges both in Canada and Poland since 1992. I am intrigued with the potential of blogging to help learners develop writing skills for presenting self both socially and professionally in a number of settings.

Upcoming courses include:

Introduction to EduBlogging

Blogging to Learn

Blogging for ESL Students

EduBlogging for Educators




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netizenship • July 6, 2009

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