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Exploring EduBlogging

I am a novice edublogger, and as such am a bit reluctant to put myself out there for more seasoned bloggers to read my ideas. Perhaps it is because of a bit of apprehension of how I will be received (or not received). Once you post to an academic community outside the “safe harbour” of…

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Rhizomatic Blogging

Dave Cormier’s post in his blog on rhizomes and blogging makes an excellent point when he stated that “the number of self-selected, personally empowered bloggers will be overwhelmed by those who are being told to blog.” There is going to be a need to place private blogs within walled gardens, enabling a public and private…

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Edublogging: A Tool for Fostering Transformative Learning

Providing learners with choices whether to post just to oneself, one’s instructor, to a small group of colleagues, or to the public, is crucial for encouragin learners to draw on intrinsic motivators. Learners new to blogging require a safe writing space, a sanctuary, to begin one’s moodlings, and then progress deliberately through an ever-widening sphere…

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EduBlogging – Issues to Consider

I am building a theoretical framework which includes using edublogs for transformative learning, and I am especially interested in the issues conccerning the process of facilitating learners through thresholds, or liminal spaces, in which most learners experience transformative change. Current literature describing case studies on blogging emphasizes the need for public blogs, groupwork, and interaction;…

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Personal EduBlogging

Private Edublogs offer a safe space for learners to cultivate personal voice and bolster self-confidence. Learners who prefer a private space to a more public one are typically more self-critical, apprehensive of peer feedback, and view self-disclosure to others too painful. “Incubator” Within such a protected learning space, often within a walled garden of a…

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