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Blogging and Literacy Instruction

One of the greatest challenges I have had as a literacy educator is to reconcile the teaching of the strictly academic writing curriculum with real needs of learners whose interests in academic writing are limited. The major obstacle for literacy instruction seems to be that despite curriculum guidelines that require training in formal writing, most learners don’t…

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Deciding to Go Back to School

This post is inspired by Wendell Dryden’s musings about his decision to return to school. I guess I have also been inspired to post these thoughts thanks to Henry Giroux’s chapter Literacy, Writing and Voice from his book, Teachers as Intellectuals. It is also in part due to the recent article written by Stephen Downes…

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Fundamental Shift: Assessment for Learning

I think the bigger picture involves a fundamental shift from treating students as objects to be measured or evaluated or changed or filled or improved or assimiliated, to treating students as legitimate co-participants. I have chosen blogging for advocacy to address the needs of my adult literacy learners, most of whom of First Nations descent,…

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