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EduBlogging for Indigenous Learners

The living tree is a metaphor for the cyclical process of lifelong learning. There are four parts: sources and domains of knowledge (roots), individual learning cycle (rings), individual personal development (branches) and community well-being (leaves). Roots: Learners draw upon a rich heritage of values, beliefs, traditions and practices that balance and harmonize relations between members…

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Meme: Digital Footprints

What type of digital footprint am I leaving? Which technologies (blog, e-portfolio, wiki, etc.) best match my emerging personality for self-expression? What footprint do I want to place upon the digital landscape? How do I intend others to see me? How do others’ feedback on how/what I communicate mesh with my intentions? What should I…

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Discussion Meme – Reflecting on EduBlogging

I would like to invite everyone to reflect on your own blogging experience this semester. Here are some guiding questions. 1. What expectations did you have for yourself, your peers, and your professor when you were asked to engage in blogging? 2. What have been your motivations for blogging at the beginning? How had these…

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