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EduBlogging for Formal Institutions vs. EduBlogging for Lifelong Learning

At TechTicker, the author, Mike Bogle, wrote about the challenge of educational change and his opening paragraph outlines the conundrum: Participatory culture is significant because of its capacity to connect people, facilitate dialogue and cultivate the growth of a free-flowing landscape. This culture is built upon flexibility and freedom, as well as the capacity for individuals to “transcend their immediate surroundings…

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Q/A Session with George Siemens

I had the pleaseure of participating in a recent discussion through Athabasca University as a student of the MDE program. I had the opportunity to ask George Siemens about his experiences with blogging. These observations are based on notes hurriedly jotted down in real-time. George explained that he started blogging through elearnspace.org and sent out…

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