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books you keep nearby and the way you organize your reading 

I sat down with Joe, the Chief Librarian at the Prince Rupert Public Library yesterday, and our conversation shifted to some ideas I have had about reading. 

I have observed that I automatically scan the spines of books that are at hand or nearby, and observe how books have been laid aside. Are they at the edge of the desk, opened up, laying text down; are they piled one on top of the other, or tucked away under something else. How we set aside our books gives us insights about how we view reading. Some might look at reading as a welcome distraction, and so their books are close at hand, and quickly picked up or put down as needed, bursts of reading spots between busy schedules. Others might view reading as a chore, piled up in an organized way, close by to notebooks and writing supplies; still others view it as a part of their learning, so that books might be set down right near a PC, with a rainbow of sticky notes acting as bookmarks.

For some people, reading is a guilty pleasure, intended for solitary quiet time, so their books tend to get hid away into purses or backpacks; when traveling, or commuting, some readers switch out their covers with less interesting, more popular ones so as to not attract any attention. For me, time and space permitting, I prefer to have my fun-reads novels in a basket next to my reading chair; with more than a few of these novels with fancy bookmarks. The wicker basket might also contain a couple of heavier hard-cover books related to professional development, or some other more serious reading materials borrowed from the Library.

The use of bookends really allows readers like me to add some creative flair to displaying their books, and collecting just the right bookends takes time and patience. For me, hardcover books tend to lend themselves well to be put on the night table next to the bed, with the bookends keeping them upright and readily accessible. I typically use the bookends to showcase a small collection of books by topic, such as education, psychology, etc. or I might throw them together as a hodgepodge collection of titles when the eclectic mood strikes me.  At home, I like to keep a few bookcases of books in the living room, and another spot free-floating books for the grand kids when they come and visit. I tend to keep a book or stashed away in the car, just in case I am sitting waiting for a pick-up.

Some additional ideas to work on …

organizing pen pals for adult learners to encourage group reading ( learners write handwritten notes, put them into addressed envelopes, and put them in a bundle to send off to partner reading group

how would VR influence reading in future



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netizenship • December 20, 2017

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