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Learn English Online: About Friends

There are many ways to describe a friend; for example, you meet a friend in the morning for coffee, and they might be a bit cranky and grumpy – this means they’re not very happy. Maybe they didn’t get enough sleep?

We all have friends who are very kind helpful and generous – or who love to help others and give so much of oneself.

There are also friends who love to go to parties, love to laugh and are cheerful. They’re outgoing and the life of the party!

On the other hand, we have some friends who are not so talkative. They tend to be shy, quiet, or are a bit reserved or a little serious.

And of course, we sometimes have friends who love to sleep in, love to eat, or who are basically not a morning person.

Also, you might know some friends who are quite creative or artistic.

All in all, we have all different kinds of friends.

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ggroulx • September 13, 2019

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