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The cone

A letter to my pet about using a cone to protect him, and some reflections about how the use of the cone in education to funnel learning can impact students’ learning of ideas and behaviours.

Edublog as Metaphor: An Introduction

“Metaphors matter–the metaphor we use to understand learning influences the language with which we talk about learning, teaching, and education” (Tucker, 2008, blog post). I aim to explore the complex topic of edublogging with the aid of metaphor. Why metaphors? Both edublogs and metaphors are about meaning making, creativity, and language play. Edublogs are very…

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EduBlogs as Metaphor

An edublog would be used in a number of different ways for literacy learners. SANCTUARY For highly private learners, an edublog would need to provide a “santuary”, a safe space, to jot down ideas and reflections for those who prefer to have such a private space for writing. In this instance, the learner’s private thoughts…

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