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Academic Blogging for Identity Construction

First posted in Me2U on October 8, 2008 This post was first written  for the mde605 course , and reviewing it again now (July 10, 2010), is intended to provide an example of why such archiving of posts is so significant. Again, reviewing the blog post in 2014, yields further insights. I would fine-tune/extend my…

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Explorations in Academic Blogging: Tony Bates

Academic blogging is quickly emerging as a separate genre. In the first of my series of blog posts, I explored Dr. Terry Anderson’s academic blogging style, and analyzed his blog post on Rethinking Disclosure and Surveillance . In this post, I explore Dr. Tony Bates’ academic blogging style. My purpose for careful analysis of the writing styles…

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Blogging an Argument Not the Same as Writing an Argument Essay

Path-Sharing – setting the context for audiences. I am responding to the ideas D’Arcy Norman has covered in his post on private “classblogs” vs. the wild, wide open Rationale (setting context for the audience-as-self for future reference) This post analyzes his techniques to explore the topic with his blogging tool. He uses specific techniques to…

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Reflections on Assessing Blogging Activity

The extent to which one can successfully weave personally meaningful content into one’s own posts can be best assessed by an individual blogger using what I would refer to as the “tether test”. The tether test idea was inspired while I was addressing a question at an ETUG workshop about how relevant an online archive…

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