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EduBlogging Skills Checklist

By the end of three semesters of blogging, learners will have acquired the following blogging micro-skills:

1. Set up edublog
2. Managed administrative settings to personalize edublog
3. Subscribed to RSS feeds
4. Managed RSS feeds using aggregator
5. Added bookmarks
6. Has registered/claimed blog in blog search engines
7. Conducted tag/trackback search to track views of own edublog by others
8. Shared annotated bookmarks with others using delicious
9. Commented on others’ blogs
10. Added hyperlinks to other blog posts
11. Added a photo in blog post
12. Embedded video into post
13. Added tags to categorize posts
14. Changed post access settings
15. Used cloud tag
16. Searched for other blogs using technorati
17. Searched for topic using blogsearch
18. Used diigo to share tags and notes

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netizenship • July 7, 2009

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